AI these days is a big thing and many people are talking about it and how it can be dangerous to our existence, well it’s not, unless we want it to be, the artificial intelligent is as simple as feeding something with information and expecting a results but I don’t mean here a simple database, AI will do its job of digging into these information and come back with a conclusion as a result. but this sounds like a human as we all grow up and our lives are also based on the information we have learned. the short answer is no.

AI can’t think

One of the most famous applications of AI nowadays is called Neural Networks, it works as I mentioned above, you feed it with information and it will try to learn and answer based on the information you have initially input, how does it learn? by trying and failing millions of times. well that sounds stupid because it will never do something right unless it has done all the possible wrongs things. AI will never be creative, it will never think, it will never feel, thats is something is still so far of what we have today and I doubt that this is something achievable at all.

So why all that hype about the Artificial Intelligent (AI)

Because it sounds cool :). AI has been there for years but from time to time the tech industry find some cool terms to market their new products just like other things such as “block-chain, cloud…etc”. I’m not saying they don’t exist and they don’t use them, they do and all these technologies are there and they are true but not that big as they sounds to be. Many big tech companies used to have tech modules that works just like cloud but it was never called cloud before. Google search algorithms has been using AI for decades but just now we hear a lot about it. So expect a new cool term every few years from the tech industry.

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