I have been and still a loyal Apple customer, using a lot of their products and very happy about them, but what has been announced recently is just something I can’t just Ignore.

The new Apple Pro Stand is just something I can’t STAND!

I usually figure out a way to justify the prices of all Apple product for too many reasons, but when I saw the price of the new apple stand which is $1000 for their new $5000 6k monitor! It’s something just cannot be justified! Even when its only targeting the “Professionals”, Really! I have two monitors in front of me and the last time I remember that I have adjusted the stand is like year ago. Apple stand price just raises doubts in my self about my justification for their other products prices. Now I really think they are overpricing their products for no acceptable reasons. I can literally go to the market now and a buy a two decent monitors with their STANDS for about the price of a stand from Apple! that just doesn’t make sense anymore!

I hope apple review their recent prices and don’t forget their old foundation and their old apple slogan when Steve Jobs was alive!


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