A digital presence is a must for your organization, and the website/webapp or the mobile App will be the core of it. Consumers are looking for better and seamless experiences when they are looking to purchase or for answers.

With our wide experience in software development we are turning our clients ideas into a full solutions. We develop both web and mobile applications. We build custom interactive web apps, native cross-platform mobile apps for IOS and Android as well as setting up the server and backend solutions to support your project.

ZAIDRIX will help you to excel in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business world. We have proven experience in building complex solutions with multiple environments, custom integrations and much more!

Based on the project size and requirements either an individual or a team will work with you. With every project we work on, we always focus on quality, creativity and innovation. With every project we strive to ensure 100% satisfaction for all of our customers.


We use our expertise in design and development to explore and define the best strategy for your business. We work to grow and maintain a transparent collaboration that extends beyond a launch date. From concept to delivery, we offer solutions that will ensure a successful product.

Fast Results

Reducing the time to market is often paramount to stay ahead of the competition. Our web and mobile app development emphasise in incremental software development and rapid prototyping, which ensures fast results.

Assurance on Quality

Our web and mobile development focus on continuous testing procedures to maintain an overall level of quality. This ensures, you get a high performance and top quality web or mobile application, which offers a seamless experience.

Gain More Business Value

By utilising the feature-centric methodology, our web and mobile application developers will make sure that the ends result successfully meet the stakeholder requirements effectively.

Custom Solutions

We always strive to meet the unique requirements of businesses by using cutting edge technologies and user-oriented solutions. With us, you will enjoy custom software solutions that will help companies to gain higher profits.


OPSMAPIA is a unique map information system, it helps operations room personnel to easily create and define their spot structure to fit any custom needs, the spots and associated information are visually and audibly shared within the company/organization in real-time. OPSMAPIA was developed in collaboration with GIS experts, on-the-ground security operators, former police and armed forces professionals. OPSMAPIA brings advanced mapping tools to a simple one page web application, its friendly interface minimizes the learning curve to almost zero and makes it enjoyable to work with.

A special system developed for the Egyptian Tourism Center (ETC) to process all types of tourism travel requests (TTR) to Egypt, this system includes multiple dashboards, users based access, advanced database concepts and unique workflow with B2B capabilities.

Dofied is an app that allows for the digital recording of cash payments in addition or as a replacement for physical receipts. It streamlines the process of recording transactions between two parties.

Bilafya is a nonprofit app project built by Zaid Francis during the covid pandemic. Bilafya is an IOS/Android app to link the home-made food suppliers with their local customers in an easy platform so that all stages of publishing, ordering, processing and rating take place through one application.

We have completed a project for our client that involved rebranding and the development of a custom e-commerce website. The rebranding initiative was aimed at refreshing the client’s brand identity, while the e-commerce platform was designed to be user-friendly and SEO-optimized, facilitating a straightforward and effective online shopping experience. This approach was intended to enhance the client’s market presence and customer engagement through a more intuitive online interface.