Emirates Flies High After Massive AWS Migration

Emirates Group owns and operates Emirates, the Middle East’s largest airline and recent winner of the 2020 Airline of the Year (Aviation Business Awards). In a normal year, it boasts 300 aircraft, carrying 56 million passengers. In a sector known for thin margins, maintaining an edge isn’t an option—it’s a necessity. [...]

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How to become a developer

I always get asked and see this question over and over on the internet ... How do I become a developer? How do I start? I have taken this course and that course but still not confident to start a new project by myself. My simple answer is: what you [...]

Is jQuery dead?

jQuery can still thrive in the frontend world. It can live happily between vanilla JS and the modern big moderns JS frameworks. Not every developer needs to use a Single Page Application (SPA) framework and many developers use a SPA when it's not needed. They only use one because it's [...]

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I can’t defend Apple anymore!

I have been and still a loyal Apple customer, using a lot of their products and very happy with them, but what has been announced recently is just something I can’t Ignore. The new Apple Pro Stand is just something I can’t STAND! I usually figure out a way to [...]

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AI these days is a big thing and many people are talking about it and how it can be dangerous to our existence, well it’s not, unless we want it to be, the artificial intelligent is as simple as feeding something with information and expecting a results but I don’t [...]

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