The Increasing Value of the Human Element in an AI-Generated World

As technology continues its relentless advance, ushering in a wave of AI-generated content and automated systems, we find ourselves yearning more and more for the authentic, the real, the human. Just as mechanical watches have experienced a renaissance in the age of quartz technology and smartwatches, the human touch, too, [...]

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The real truth of AI, How does it work?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been a hot topic in recent years, with many people speculating about its potential to revolutionize industries, change the way we live our lives, and even pose a threat to humanity. While it's true that AI has the potential to bring about significant changes and [...]

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Drawing with AI

Drawing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) was something inaccessible by the public until recently, a service by Midjourney research group has made it easy to try through an automated bot on Discord. You can try this technology by accessing this Discord server […]