The concept of singularity in computer science refers to the hypothetical future point in time at which technological progress, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence and computing, will accelerate beyond the ability of humanity to fully comprehend or control.

This could lead to a dramatic and irreversible change in the nature of civilization, as superintelligent AI and other advanced technologies potentially transform every aspect of society. While there is no consensus among experts about the likelihood or timing of a singularity, the concept is an important area of study and debate in the field of computer science and has significant implications for business and industry.

Artificial general intelligence is one example of a technology that some experts think may eventually lead to the singularity (AGI). AGI is a subset of artificial intelligence that can comprehend or pick up any intellectual skill that a person can, as opposed to only being programmed to carry out a predetermined set of activities. According to some experts, the development of AGI could eventually result in a situation in which computers surpass human intelligence and are capable of self-improvement at an exponential rate, possibly triggering the singularity.