Google CEO Sundar Pichai has launched Google Bard AI chatbot, demonstrating the company’s focus on AI. Pichai is committed to applying cutting-edge AI technology to solve real-world problems. Despite facing competition from organizations like OpenAI, who have advanced faster in AI development and applications, Google is working to integrate AI into their business strategy. Google Bard, a lighter version of LaMDA in Google Search, has the potential to change how people access and use online information.

How to try Google Bard AI?

Access to Google Bard AI is currently limited to a select group of individuals for testing purposes. To minimize computational resources, Google is creating a lighter version of LaMDA. Once available, Bard can likely be accessed via Google Search by typing questions into the search bar. The AI chatbot retrieves information from the web to provide accurate responses to text prompts. The official release date of Google Bard AI is yet to be announced, but CEO Sundar Pichai has stated on Twitter that its API will be used.