I always get asked and see this question over and over on the internet … How do I become a developer? How do I start? I have taken this course and that course but still not confident to start a new project by myself.

My simple answer is: what you really need is the passion, if you don’t have it stop here … it won’t work! if you do have the passion then continue reading my points below

  • Know what you want: do not get confused of people preferring that tool/programming language over the other because they will recommend what they are using and its not necessarily the thing that you need …  just focus on what you really need for your project environment to work and what is the most popular thing to use in similar projects so you don’t end up with lacking of resources when you are stuck.
  • Know the basics: just start with the essential things and learn the basics to kick-off your project … do not get yourself into the complicated stuff.
  • Use Google: don’t lock yourself into a specific course or steps that someone have suggested … every project has a different needs and approaches so only learn what you need as you advance in your project … google your way!

At the end you will have something real and working, you will be surprised with the results … it may not be perfect but hey its just the beginning, if you don’t get your hand messed-up with the code you will never learn.