I have been using Apple products since many years, I used to have a maxed out Macbook pro laptop. Apple doesn’t seems to care about the upgraded specs you have put into your Mac device when you bought it, when it comes to OS upgrades, all the specs are equal … the only thing matters to Apple is when your Mac device was manufactured, so even my system was working very well and the specs was still high comparing to nowadays laptops, Apple decided to stop the OS upgrades on my system and I don’t think there was any hardware limitation on my laptop.

So when I bought my new Macbook pro (M1 Chip) laptop … I just upgraded the specs I really need which was the storage capacity in my case.

We all know Apple has a great quality products, and we know that we are going to keep them for many years to come … or hand them over to a family member eventually, but knowing this fact made me a little disappointed and I thought to share it with you.